Join the 2019 Slique in 60 Challenge today!

If you purchase any two qualifying Slique kits and use the products faithfully and according to directions for 60 uninterrupted days, Young Living promises that you’ll see a change for the better! If you’re unsatisfied at the end of the trial period, they’ll give you a product credit equal to the amount of your purchase.

You’ve got nothing to lose but inches and pounds! Just click here to read more and register then choose from one of the Slique kits below to get started!

Slique Complete

  • (2) Slique® Shake (30-Day Supply)
  • (2) Slique Tea, 25 ct.
  • (2) Slique CitraSlim™ (30-Day Supply)
  • (5) Slique Gum, 8 ct
  • (1) Slique Essence
  • (4) Slique Bars, 6 pk

Slique Advanced

  • 1) Slique Tea, 25 ct.
  • (1) Slique CitraSlim (15-Day Supply)
  • (1) Slique Shake (15-Day Supply)
  • (3) Slique Gum, 8 ct.
  • (1) Slique Essence
  • (2) Slique Bars, 6 pk.

Slique Assist

  • (1) Slique Tea, 25 ct.
  • (3) Slique Gum, 8 ct.
  • (1) 15-ml Slique Essence
  • (1) Slique CitraSlim (15-Day Supply)

Slique Maintain

  • (1) Slique CitraSlim (15-Day Supply)
  • (1) 15-ml Slique Essence

Meet: the Slique product line by Young Living

You work hard to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, and Young Living strives to make products that support that effort.

To put the power of complete wellness into your hands, Young Living has carefully crafted a line of supplements to support a balanced, healthy life.  Slique® products can assist you in making healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. From meal replacement shakes to CitraSlim™ capsules, Slique products are designed to support healthy weight-management efforts.


Slique Gum

Contains raw frankincense resin
The nutritional content may help control hunger
Helps control food cravings and improves oral health
Contains Frankincense, Peppermint and
Spearmint Essential Oils

Slique Gum by: Young Living
Slique Essence by: Young Living

Slique Essence

Blend of 5 Essential Oils
Supports healthy weight management goals
With an irresistible, cinnamon-like aroma to help control hunger


Slique Bars

A medley of exotic fruits, nuts
Tthe perfect functional, nutritious snack
Designed to help you feel fuller, longer

Slique Bars by: Young Living
Slique Shake by: Young Living


Slique Shake

It is a complete meal replacement
May support healthy weight management when combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet
With a single-serving size packet, it’s perfect for on the go!
*shown blended in a smoothie*


Slique CitraSlim

Proprietary citrus extract blend
This polyphenolic mixture of flavonoids offers powerful antioxidants that are touted for their health benefits.*
May also support the release of free fatty acids

Slique CitraSlim by: Young Living
Slique Tea by: Young Living


Slique Tea

All natural ingredients to help support individual weight goals
Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols
Contains Frankincense powder