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September 2021

As summer comes to an end and we greet the cool Autumn days ahead, it’s natural to feel imbalanced as you return to routine. Getting back to busier schedules after the summer slowdown can be hard, but it doesn’t have to mean completely overhauling your routine. Take this time to reset beginning with small, simple changes that won’t overwhelm.

We’ve gathered our favourite essentials to help you ease back into a routine and fuel a fresh season of goal-getting! Diffuse Spearmint and Nutmeg to reduce stress and create an atmosphere of encouragement. Reach for Release™ and Envision™ to release negative energy, imagine new goals and inspire the future you dream of. Plus, Relaxing Bath Bombs will help you unwind and reconnect with you.

Reach any of the PV minimums this month to qualify for these free essentials and enjoy the Essential Rewards (ER) exclusive bonuses when you reach 100+ PV or 190+ PV in a single September Monthly Order.

Promos available on One-Time Order

190PV: Nutmeg, 5 ml
250PV: Relaxing Bath Bombs • Nutmeg, 5 ml
300PV: Release, 15 ml • Relaxing Bath Bombs • Nutmeg, 5 ml

Promos available on Essential Rewards Order

100PV: Spearmint, 5ml
190PV: Envision, 5 ml • Nutmeg, 5 ml • Spearmint, 5ml
250PV: Relaxing Bath Bombs • Envision, 5 ml • Nutmeg, 5 ml • Spearmint, 5ml
300PV: Release 15 ml • Relaxing Bath Bombs • Envision, 5 ml • Nutmeg, 5 ml • Spearmint, 5ml


Spearmint, 5 ml (ER Bonus***): Spearmint aids with headaches, leading to a sense of balance and well-being. Diffuse or dilute and apply to temples to enhance your overall relaxation.


Nutmeg, 5 ml: Energize and uplift with the warm, spicy aroma of Nutmeg. Diffuse to promote relaxation and to create an encouraging, positive atmosphere as you power through that to-do list!
Envision, 5 ml (ER Bonus***): Set new goals and clarify your intentions with Envision™ essential oil blend. The stimulating scents of Orange, Lavender and Sage promote feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging you to take the first steps towards achieving your dreams!


Multigreens™, 120 capsules: This nutritious chlorophyll supplement packs a powerful daily source of greens and antioxidants to boost energy levels and fuel you through the day.


Release, 15 ml: The relaxing aroma of Release™ promotes harmony and balance. Diffuse or dilute and apply topically to help you let go of negative emotions and focus on what serves you best.

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