Your Seedlings will LOVE you for this!

If you are like me you aren’t sure you trust commercial potting soil & seedling mixes to be truly “organic”. After all, where do they come from? Why don’t they always tell you EXACTLY what is in them? In this short video I show you how I make up my own starter mix. It is easy to do, and I know and trust every ingredient. Best of all, my plants LOVE it! You can almost hear them SIGH with pleasure as they grow nice and strong before planting them outside!

Four-Season Harvest, by Eliot Coleman

I found the seedling mix recipe in Eliot Coleman’s book, Four-Season Harvest. Use a two-to-one ratio of the peat moss/vermiculite mix to compost. Four quarts of moss mix & eight quarts of compost will take about two cups of the fertilizer.

You should be able to pick up the bag of peat moss/vermiculite mix at your local garden store or nursery.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that is interested in organic vegetable gardening. It quite literally changed our lives! I continue to reference it frequently! You get it on Amazon:


Organic Fertilizer Mix Ingredients

You can find the fertilizer ingredients that I talked about in the video on Amazon at decent price. Just mix them together with equal amounts of each. You’ll need to stir it just before using because the ingredients are of different weights and sizes and tend to separate from each other.