Farm day This image is Cassondra and I drinking lavender lemonade. She is a busy boy mom who has been teaching her friends + family how amazing natural living is.

We spent our time at the field taking nitros & doing ningxia shots out of these adorable glasses. We got it at the Wolfberry Creek Cafe.

I also must mention- I especially enjoyed the coconut lime ice cream. I don’t usually eat dairy because it makes me feel sick but I really wanted to try it. I’m not a lime person but the ice cream was phenomenal. The coconut flavor was much more than the lime so it was just the right citrus kick for me. ♡ Will try a different flavor next time 🙂

Ok enough raving about food… there is also the distillery, shopping, jousting, exclusive products, horses, a clary sage field & much more to share with you.

Check out Stacie and I planting clary sage. We were super excited to spend the day outside planting + exploring. (Stacie & I drove from Minneasota together for 5 days visiting friends along the way.)

My little clary sage ♡

Hope you had a great day♡