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Welcome Kit

Welcome Home! _________   Ready to dive into essential oils but not sure where to start? Our...

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Get Ready for your Best Sleep Ever

It seems like I hear someone EVERY day comment about how they cannot sleep well! Can you relate? Maybe it is due to stress, work, fear, city noises, a crying baby, or too many thoughts rushing through your brain.

Whatever the reason, lack of sleep can affect your body, mind and emotions in so many ways! Find out which essential oils will help you get your best sleep ever!

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4 Tips to Get the Look You Want

Savvy Minerals by Young Living ™ has created make up that is not only colorful and the best quality, but it is also clean and safe. Savvy Minerals does not include fillers, synthetic fragrances, or parabens, which makes them gentle for sensitive skin.

Using Savvy Minerals eye shadows is so easy for beginners like us!

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Make and Take with your Premium Starter Kit

Health and Wellness starts at home, from what you’re putting in your body to what you’re putting into the air, which then goes into the body. I personally am not a “DIY” kind of gal, but once I learned new ways to use my oils, saw how simple it was, and started seeing the savings rack up, I immediately started to see the benefits! This is a class with all sorts of oily DIY recipes to help reduce toxins in your home but stay in your budget!

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