What does Abundance mean to you?

  • Being able to go on date nights?
  • Give more to others?
  • Become debt free?
  • Have more time to spend with family?
  • Go on more vacations?
  • Retire early?

Whatever your goal is, I am here to help you!

First, take a look at our Income Disclosure Statement:


Young Living is very generous to those who share! It has been life changing for our family, and we are so grateful for the freedom we have found as Gold leaders for Young Living! If you want to dream, talk, & hear more about what Young Living has to offer, fill out the form below, and I’ll be more than happy to spend time chatting with you!

Contact Me: bit.ly/LetschatYL


Find Freedom FAQs

1. How do I get started?

It all starts when you grab your kit from me. You get your kit for $165, which contains all you need to start this oily journey and join our tribe!

That gets you everything pictured below, a welcome gift from me, access to our exclusive education and business groups, new community of friends and me as your personal oily guide!


To Purchase: Grab your oils and get started with us here!


Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

2. Does it matter who I sign up with?


You want to sign up with someone who is going to educate you and help you every step of the way! You need someone who has tons of resources for you, and will provide support in reaching your goals! We can’t wait to help you with both you using your oils and doing the business!

3. How about commissions

To earn a paycheck💵, all you have to do is order $100 a month on products for you and your family to use…products like supplements, hair products, toothpaste, makeup, sunscreen, oils, and so much more!!

4. Where do I work? 

Wherever and whenever I want…from my phone or computer…with my friends. I love it!!

5. How much can you make? What is the income potential?

By the way, those are REAL numbers! (I ‘m currently a Gold leader working toward Platinum!)

Is it “easy”?

No, but it’s simple and we see people everyday changing their lives for the better, seeing freedom they never knew was possible and living their healthiest & best life!

It’s BIGGER than you could ever imagine. We are currently Gold, going for Platinum by the end of the year, and we’re not stopping there! Go ahead and take a peek at the monthly income of those ranks above. We are so grateful for the financial freedom Young Living has brought our family!

All we do: Share about our favorite oils and products, educate our team on how to use their products and get the most out of their investment, and teach our team to share the same ways that we do. That’s it. 

6. How do you get started?


Message 📱 me so I can answer your questions, then we can get you hooked up with your perfect starter kit, added to our exclusive groups and help you start changing lives! 

Unlike other businesses that are costly to start up, all that you need to do here is grab your starter kit! It’s $165 and comes with a diffuser + 12 oils + a 24% wholesale discount + access to all of our amazing education and business groups on Facebook + a TON of other goodies!

7. How do we share? 

🤗 Simple…

The same way you talk about a gym, restaurant or shirt you love. We share genuinely, with heart and truly wanting to help others on this wellness lifestyle journey. He have resources and mentoring opportunities ready to give you a strong start today!

But, there’s so much I want to tell you…

Sometimes, I don’t work at all. 

We focus on building residual income, so we have the freedom we desire for ourselves and our families. Watch this and let me know what you think!

Welcome to our tribe, because our tribe is INCREDIBLE

You won’t be on this journey alone. We’ll be there… every step! And almost guaranteed you’ll make new best friends!!!

Have you ever dreamed of…

  • Doing work that fills you with purpose?
  • Having financial freedom and managing your own schedule?
  • Receiving ongoing coaching & development through your experience?
  • Living your dream life?

 You will LOVE it!

Besides being part of an incredible, uplifting, inspiring, positive community of people who become your best friends, and the incredible paycheck, and the oils, and the safe products for your family that have us so much peace of mind, and improvement in overall health and wellness…

You earn free trips galore and get spoiled like crazy. Young Living is the best. I can’t stress it enough.