My Journey

When we brought our 1 year old son home from his head surgery, we had no idea how long it would take him to get back to a normal sleep schedule. After months of exhausting nights, a friend asked if we had tried essential oils. This desperate mama was willing to try anything to get a full night of sleep!!

These oils have provided so much more than restful sleep for our family! That fall we were so grateful that our kids were staying healthy despite being in childcare during the week. We began to learn more about the products in our home and started switching to toxin-free products to create a safer environment for our family. Ningxia Red provided energy, nutrition, and overall wellness during my last pregnancy. YL has changed our family for the better in many ways!

Now I get to experience the incredible privilege of leading a team of over 1,900 families who are all pursuing healthier lives for their families. I constantly hear story after story about how YL is changing their lives for the better, and let me tell you that fuels the fire in my soul. I get to see women grow personally and professionally, gain confidence, find their purpose, develop close friendships, become leaders, and celebrate financial freedom. Y’all…that’s amazing!

If you are looking to create a toxin-free environment at home, become healthier, earn extra income, be able to quit your job and stay home with your kids, grow in your leadership skills, become more generous than you have ever imagined, or be a part of something bigger than yourself, let’s get connected! I would love to chat with you about how Young Living can provided wellness, purpose and abundance for your family!