Kathryn Yateman  08/2016

Some of you may have tried this combo before but I never had. Or, heard anybody else raving about it! And now it is one of my most favorite combos……Black pepper and peppermint image

Peppermint and Black Pepper !  Wow! Its amazing!

I had been outside working on the yard and pool and its pretty hot.  I had not gotten alot of sleep either the night before and had alot to do.  So when I went in the house, I  wanted to diffuse peppermint to give me a clearer head and a cooling feeling.  Well the black pepper was sitting on the counter and I remembered reading something about the scent of black pepper when it was being distilled, or somebody describing the scent of black pepper as a incense while they were at a site. I can’t remember its been awhile but the way they described the rich deep deep intense smell I remembered I really wanted to smell it. In a split second that memory hit me ,so I added it!  I have never diffused black pepper before just cook with it, and I knew thats what gives Nitro and Zing its pep ,but REALLY REALLY didnt think about it. But that has all changed.

First peppermint and black pepper together is amazing.  Not exactly sure how to describe it but its like this crisp cool energizing  aroma of peppermint but turned deep and smokey at the same time.    I dont know, but its awesome and I felt immediately energized !  Plus there are huge benefits from these two oils that I knew and didnt know at the same time. Oils are a daily learning game!  So I got out my desk reference and Releasing Emotional Patterns book.. Here are a few details I found!

peppermint image

Peppermint.  There’s so much info.  But only disusing its fragrant influence, it is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind.  Research indicates that peppermint aroma, inhaled during mental tasks, may help attention, performance and focus (Barker, et al. 2003). It may also be an effective appetite suppressant when inhaled and the University of Kiel researchers found that peppermint lessened headache pain in a double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study.


From the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein D.C

For the emotion of failure,fear of dependence ,restriction, rigidity (cause by heavy metals), peppermint would be used on the Thymus,Thalamus, Medulla and Im assuming for heavy metal taken internally, and definitely diffused.


Black Pepper.Did you know in ancient times pepper was as valuable as gold or silver?  Fragrant influences include stimulation,energizing and empowering!  A 2002 study found that fragrance inhalation of pepper oil induced a 1.7-fold increase in plasma adrenaline concentration(Haze,et al.)

From the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

For the emotion “Black Hole”Black Pepper applied to to the Temporal Bone, Mastoid portion. Mantra ” I am surrounded and protected”. Isolation, En-R-Gee applied to the navel area. Mantra “I am integrated”!

Blends that contain Black Pepper.. Awaken,Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil, Dream Catcher, En-R-Gee NingXia Nitro, Zing energy drink and Relieve it!

black pepper vitality







So to me instead of thinking these two oils are total opposites they are actually complementing each other! I think you need to try them for yourself!  I have been pairing Black Pepper with alot of other oils lately!  I would be happy to hear your comments and your thoughts. http://katscorneressentiallysimple.com/