Kathryn Yateman  June 28th 2016

This is the most amazing scrub/exfolliant ever! It gives your face a nice scrub and actually eats thru dead skin cells and blackheads! Added perk..The Lemon essential oil helps soften and brighten the skin at the same time!

Lemon honey baking soda scubThis is super easy and smells super good!  So why is there lemon juice and lemon essential oil in this?  Ill explain. The lemon juice is acidic, which combined with the baking soda gives it a synergistic effect. You do not want to add the lemon juice to the baking soda first because it will start bubbling up, the same way baking soda and vinegar does, because vinegar is acidic and the baking soda acts as a catalist! (kinda cool really) ! This is what gets in there to eat the dead skin cells away and start dissolving those blackheads.  The lemon essential oil ( And you all know I am only vouching or talking about Young Living essential oil because I know they do NOT have any synthetics every which can cause a adverse reactions), is totally alkaline!  I used Lemon essential oil because of its known skin brightening abilities and for softening wrinkles and vascular stimulating effects) So its funny you are actually getting the yeng and the yang of a lemon.

When applied you will feel a  warming and tingling.  Good that’s what you want ! That means its removing those dead skin cells.  If you have sensitive skin,  just  make sure its not to warm or burning.  My daughter who is 22 has very sensitive skin, she said her “one zit was burning but the rest of her face was fine!  But if  in doubt..rinse off with cool water! Im in the over 40 crowd and we both love this !

Baking soda is pretty amazing for skin.  Detoxifying, gentle scrubbing, and probably more!  This recipe is fantastic for all ages.  It works really really well!  After you have let it sit you can do a very light scrub with a washrag then rinse off  with warm cool water.  You may need  to use alot of water because of the baking soda.  Follow up with a toner…THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! You need to bring the ph back to 7.0 !! I cannot recommend Young Living’s  ART  REFRESHING TONER!! I will never use anything else! It is a amazing blend of botanical s and essential oils that return your skin back to a perfect 7.o ph balance but even on its own can remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of pores!


1 tsp of juice of lemon

1 tsp. of honey

tsp of baking soda

4 drops of Lemon essential oil  ( Young Living)

mix the honey and baking soda first, then add lemon juice.

add lemon essential oil

Apply to face and neck and let sit for 3 minutes. Honey, not only anti-bacterial anti-viral and a humectant, keeps this from sliding off!

rinse off with cool water (never hot )

Finish with toner!

ART Toner

O.k. I love this so much I made a body scrub but made a triple batch, and used bottled lemon juice. I also left out the lemon essential oil since its in my body butter already and no need to waste!  obviously your not going to let it sit for 3 min. in the shower, so I use it as a scrub!!  For a body scrub there really is not right or wrong on measurements!  Pack alot of baking soda into a small mason/jelly jar, add more than 3 tablespoons full of honey then start adding your bottled lemon juice to make a workable consistency !!

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