Im sure most of you have heard how wonderful getting a chocolate face mask is, or even a full body treatment (Oh that sounds kinda nice!) Even salons are touting chocolate hair masks as the new wonder….But do they work?  Absolutely yes!  Are they worth $50.00 to $75.00 (face only) Heck NO…Well yes they are but Im not going to pay that!! And I want to make sure Im getting the real deal.

In this post Im going to tell you the benefits for your skin from using a chocolate face mask.  But the benefits are even greater because I made mine with cacao and honey!!   Oh My God!  Can I just say this is the first time I have used one and I cannot describe how good it felt and how great I looked afterwards!!  Theres other ingredient that can be added like yogurt for extra moisturizing or cinnamon thats great for acne.  But my recipe is with chocolate (or cacao) and honey and Ill tell you why

Raw Cacao powder taste just like Cocoa powder except its a little richer and alittle sweeter.But we are not eating this mask.  Well!

Raw organic Cacao is nutrient rich,and loaded with antioxidants and powerful minerals. All of these ingredients help protect us from free radicals.  It is called a Superfood…This is why I prefer cacao powder over cocoa powder!

Now lets talk about honey!!! Honey is also called a super food loaded with so many important vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.It is also a known anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a powerful humectant that actually draws and traps moisture to our skin and hair which is exactly what we need!

Honey has a long shelf life.  And so does cacao powder and cocoa powder.  You can make a decent size batch of this and just take out what you want and put it in a hot water bath for use, or put a container on a candle warmer.  I don’t recommend micro-wave because it cooks a small amount fast…way to hot, and really not safe!

There”s no exact measurements (love it) but you will want a ratio of more powder to honey.  I usually put in about a 1/4 cup of cacao powder then blob in honey till I have a nice thick dark paste.

You can use the entire amount of course if you are spreading it down across neck chest and ?   Of course if you have help you can do a full body! (wouldn’t that be nice!!)  This simple recipe is also amazing for your hair and suprising not that hard to rinse out!

Oils to add:

When I talk about oils I am only discussing Young Living Essential Oils because I Know there purity!

Manuka   (you’ve heard of Manuka Honey, add this essential oil for huge benefits)




Tea Tree



Seriously, you will get the same results as a spa treatment…And you know you are getting Organic real ingredients without any sign of toxic chemicals!  Plus save alot of money!  Need help on getting your oils? You can use the contact me setting on this website and I will cotact you to see what I can do for you!

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