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Welcome to equine essential oils!

I am excited to be adding to my website! Most of you here are looking for alternative and natural ways to wellness..and so is your horse!  

This entire menu is dedicated to the health and care of our horses using Young Living essential oils and wellness products Along with natural, holistic and organic care ! I’m sure Im also going to have some Reiki and Chakra in here too!

Right now between my daughter and I, we have 5 horses.  They range from registered to adopted to saved from a kill pen! Roping, barrels, trail training and just dealing with a crazy horse(Ha Ha my Lucy)! So I’m always looking for good holistic wellness information that I will be sharing right here with you!

Just know Spiders Hate Peppermint Essential Oil!

Got a few farm animals? Maybe horses? check this out!!! Want to order Peppermint essential oil or get your own wholesale membership and on going mentorship…. I so recommend it!!! Either way, you can not buy Young Living in stores or on line (Please don’tt got to amazon or e-bay and I can tell you why personally) use this link

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