Hi! My name is Kim Dargon and I’ve been a faithful Young Living Member since 2014!

I am always on a quest for wellness to support my immune system! I am an asthmatic who had double pneumonia at age five and I lived in an oxygen tent for a week until I recovered! In elementary school I was hospitalized nine times in four years. My body was sick and in my late teens I started exploring holistic medicine to support my body! I knew there had t be a better way.

I became a vegetarian, started incorporating acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and even colonics into my life. I was sick less often, but would still need to take an antibiotic and sometimes even prednisone to avoid hospitalization.  Fast forward a few years ago, when I was introduced to the benefits of Young Living Essentials! I signed up, got my kit and started oiling up just for me and then one day everything changed!

My middle daughter was about nine and suffering from anxiety, having feelings of low self worth and was sobbing uncontrollably (you know “can’t catch a breath, not pretty crying”) , So I figured let’s give the oils a try! Valor EO and Cedarwood EO in my hands, I told her to take big long breaths, you know what happened. The sobbing stopped, her breath came back to normal and she was able to communicate her feelings! And that was my A-Ha moment! That was the day my entire family started oiling up and we have not looked back!

I had no idea about all the toxic chemicals that were in our home until I began swapping things out for Young Living’s products, like the Thieves Household Cleaner! I had sat in doctors offices for years, staring at the trigger chart for your respiratory system. I had never made the direct connection or been told by a doctor that the Nasty chemical cleaner are compromising my lungs even more! So into the trash went ALL the cleaners! It was not only a huge boost to our immune system, but a HUGE save for our budget! One 14.4oz bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner can last me close to six months, and we are a family of five!

Oh and the best part for me…I have been sick, taken an antibiotic or any medication for over 580+ days!  This is amazing for anymore, but for me an asthmatic this is unheard of.  Once I realized the key was detox the chemicals from my body by making better choice my body began to function as the machine it was meant to be!!!!

Then I became compelled to share with others! Just like you would share your favorite pair of jeans, hair stylist, recipe people needed to know about these essential oils as a tool in their emotional & physical health tool box! Empowering others to take control of their wellness is my passion and thankful because of the income opportunity with Young Living I am growing a business that empowering others and can pay the bills! I am the CEO of both my personal and business life with unlimited possibilities!

Are you ready to get started!  Let’s do this!