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Hello, I am Julie Stough I live in Lake Wales FL. and I am a lover of Young Living, I was introduced to Young Living in 2013, with a lot of major health issues going on, I have since changed my lifestyle and remove harmful chemicals from my life and at 61 I can honestly say I feel better then I did at 40. I thank God for the tools he put in place for us to restore ourselves. If you would like to learn how to really live I am here to walk this journey with you.

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Not only do you get direct access to the world’s most therapeutic, valuable and widest variety of essential oils {and products!} but you also get them at 24% off retail price. There is no monthly or quarterly spending minimums and you are not required to “host parties” – all you need to do is enjoy those oils! I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the site and learning about Essential Oils! Young Living has been around for 25+ years and is the only company to own their own farms. From Utah to Ecuador to France and beyond, Young Living is investing in the world and in you! This company and our team has so much to offer When you’re ready, click the button to the right to sign up and get started on your journey to wellness : )

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