My discovery of dryer balls has sort of revolutionized my laundry room- if a laundry room can be revolutionized.  I’m pretty particular about the way I want my laundry to smell and I have to admit that I was addicted to “clean scent” detergent and “mountain fresh” dryer sheets, all of which are so horrible for our bodies.  Just look up the ingredients of all that junk.  It’s scary.

So switching over to Thieves Laundry Soap was hard. Because, quite honestly, without all the “clean scents” to mask all the normal smells my clothes were smelling kind of funky.  I knew they were clean but I was so accustomed to synthetic scents that they didn’t smell clean to me.

Enter the dryer ball revolution.  By adding a few drops of whatever essential oil I want onto a wool dryer ball I can make my clothes smell however I want.  I can smell like a forest by adding Northern Lights Black Spruce, or a bouquet of flowers by adding Joy, or I can add Bergamot for a great citrus smell.  Lots of people use Lavender on their dryer balls but my favorite is Bergamot.  The longer you let the oil soak into the ball the slower it will be dispersed in the dryer- and slower is better!  So I usually put my oils on the dryer balls when I start a load in the washer.  By the time the washer is done my essential oils have been absorbed!

I generally use 4-5 drops on oil on each ball and typically I use 3-4 balls per load.  Dryer balls need room to do their job so make sure your laundry load isn’t crammed into the dryer!

Dryer balls should last roughly 1,000 loads.  If you find that they are losing their shape, just throw them in the washer with a load and then dry and they will firm right up!

Essential oils on your dryer balls not only make your clothes smell great, but you are also getting the benefits of the oils in your system as well.  So Lavender may produce a calming effect while Bergamot can help uplift the spirit.  Win-win!!

An additional dryer ball bonus fact:  your clothes will dry faster when using dryer balls.  This means less electricity being used in the laundry room.  This means more money in your pocket!

I’m using dryer balls that came directly from Young Living, but are sold out right now. Although, I would feel very comfortable using Woolzie Dryer Balls as well!