I’m Natalie. Welcome to my crazy, I’m glad you are here! I have a husband, 4 kids, 3 dogs, a horse, and two guinea pigs. I’m the owner of cold pressed juice company and an essential oil business. I LOVE helping people feel better and get better while I strive to do the same.

A long time ago I had a blog – back when blogs were new to the webs. It was a great way for me to keep my family memories and funny stories- I looked at it as sort of a journal. But then life started hardcore “lifing” and I let it go. Recently, I’ve been thinking of writing again, how much I’ve missed it and how I’d like to document my journey with oils and healthy living.


So, I started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. I am on a sloooow journey to a healthier lifestyle and I want you around for the ride.
  2. Maybe I can help someone with my ideas. Maybe you can help ME with your ideas and comments.
  3. I get to work with my BFF Mary Jo. We have worked together on MANY projects over the past 20 years. Some have been great ideas and some not so great, but all have been fun!
  4. I need to write. Writing gets my brain going in a way that makes me excited to get out of bed every morning. I’m not saying I’m a good writer, just that I love doing it.
  5. I love having a place to share oily information. I’m learning new things every day and I want to share that with you!


So, all that to say- I hope you enjoy this space! Give me your ideas and suggestions and let me know what you think!