In August of 2016 I ordered a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living from my sweet friend, Emily Brown. I really only wanted them to make my juice shop smell like a juice shop!  I wanted natural, earthy smells with a hint of citrus and I was crunchy enough to know that synthetic fragrances were not going to cut it! So I did some research and found that Young Living’s philosophy, business practices and beliefs fit in with mine and I adore and respect Emily, so buying from her was an easy choice.

Then my box of oils and samples and literature and a diffuser arrived and Emily was there to tell me what to do with everything and I realized that in these little bottles were magic!  I became obsessed with learning as much as I could and putting these things to work for me and my family.

And this is where it gets weird because the FDA is pretty strict about what I can say that oils do, but let me tell you THEY DO THINGS. Things you won’t believe.  Until you get your oils and try it for yourself (and don’t forget that I’m here to help all the way.)

I have to say, I use all the oils in the starter kit. But the ones I use on a daily basis include: Purification (because stank is always around) Lavender (raise your hand if you like sleep) Frankincense (if you don’t know about my love for Frank you haven’t been paying attention) and Thieves (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!)

The rest I use when things pop up: Digize (when tummies are acting weird) Peppermint (PEPPERMINT BROWNIES or if I feel a certain throbbing in my head) Copaiba (the day after Pilates-ALWAYS) Panaway (when my shoulders and back feel achy) RC (when noses are stuffy and chests feel tight) and Lemon (so much better than GOO GONE!!)

So what’s stopping you? That’s not a rhetorical question. Tell me what’s keeping you from investing in this health box and we can work through the problems and get these unicorn tears in your hands!