If you’ve spent any time learning about essential oils, its probably been suggested that you roll essential oils on the bottoms of your feet, specifically your big toes.  You may wonder why (because it sounds weird, right?)  Well, here are a few reasons:

Essential oils act faster and more efficiently when placed on the bottoms of our feet.

The soles of our feet have much larger pores than the rest of our body. This means they act a little like oversized straws, sucking up the health-giving compounds in the oils and quickly feeding them into our bloodstream. If you’re an aficionado of milkshakes and thick shakes, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Most milkshakes are okay to drink through a normal diameter straw, but the more delicious ice cream that gets added to the shake, the harder it is to get that delicious shake into your mouth!

Essential oils present much the same problem. With an oversized straw, you can suck out that thick shake to your heart’s content. And when applied to the larger pores of your foot soles, these oils can pass through the epidermis into your body and begin working their magic faster and more efficiently.


The skin is less sensitive on our feet

Purely because the bottom of our feet are designed to take their fair share of abuse, the skin on this area of our bodies is much less sensitive. This means that many people who might experience irritation when they apply certain essential oils to other parts of their body often don’t have any issues when they apply the same oils to their feet.

The lower sensitivity of the skin on your soles means you can often apply essential oils undiluted. It also makes a great location to apply “hot” oils like oregano or peppermint, which can sometimes cause issues for people elsewhere.



According to the ancient practice of reflexology, every nerve line in the body ends in your feet. Specialists in reflexology maintain that certain areas of the feet correspond to the body’s organs. So by applying essential oils to specific areas of your feet, it’s possible that these oils may have a stronger, more beneficial effect on certain areas of the body. And these reflexology socks are a really fun way to learn more about it!


 Stinky Smells

I love the smell of most essential oils but let’s face it, there are some stinky ones we really don’t want to smell all day. I especially like to apply these on my feet because I can get the benefits without the constant smell. A great example is oregano.  Oregano’s benefits are HUGE-antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiseptic properties, this is a germ’s worst nightmare. But, the smell is very strong and you don’t always want to smell like a pizza.This is one I like to dilute and put on my feet.

So, yeah, it sounds kind of kooky, but what do you have to lose?  Worst case scenario your feet will smell great!