University research is revealing that 75% of on-line and store-bought essential oils are adulterated.  Along with the growing popularity of essential oils, a corresponding increase in fraudulent practices has arisen. Reduced effectiveness of the oils is a small problem in comparison to not knowing what they have added to “stretch” the oil.



Safety is of primary concern here.  Cheap, synthetic, diluted oils are potentially toxic.  It is not possible for most people to detect adulterated oils by color, odor or packaging.

Sometimes members ask me about Young Living oils being sold on eBay & Amazon. Here’s the scoop: Professional re-bottlers dilute and reseal Young Living bottles in a way that you would never be able to detect tampering. Young Living tries to protect unknowing consumers from these counterfeit sellers, but as soon as one is removed – 2 more show up. The ironic twist is that someone who wants to use natural products winds up getting toxic exposure because  chemicals are often used to dilute the product.

Why can you buy essential oils for $3.99 at Walmart? Because you get what you pay for. I recently attended a Young Living presentation where one of their corporate farm overseers spoke. Her team traveled 50 hours ! (by plane, train, boat and canoe) to Madagascar to check up on 1 of our partner farms to assure that their process was in 100% compliance with our Seed to Seal program. That’s just 1 example of how far Young Living goes to assure you that what’s in that bottle is of the highest standard.


I choose Young Living because of their Seed to Seal program of growing, harvesting, and distilling therapeutic grade oils that are of unsurpassed quality and purity.

Protect Your Health & Your Wallet.

The practice of fraudulent re-selling of altered products has infiltrated every segment of consumer products.  Recently I purchased a shampoo on-line.  The packaging, including the font was identical to the original product.  The shampoo however was not!

In all product categories, be aware of counterfeit products which now comprise an international multi-billion industry