My Journey

Several years ago, my youngest child was struggling with health issues and we were going from doctor to doctor to get answers. It took 6 months to get a “possible” diagnosis and over a year to actually find a doctor that could help her. She was struggling with so many symptoms, and the prescription medications they were trying on her were causing other horrible symptoms. I was desperate to find relief for her.

During my research to help her, I kept seeing info on essential oils. I was invited to a class by my co-worker, and I bought a kit that day. These oils have improved not only her life, but mine as well.

I have switched out all the chemical products in my home with Young Living’s all natural, toxic free products, such as home cleaners, personal care products, supplements, and even makeup. We didn’t do this overnight, we took baby steps and made little changes each month.

My favorite Young Living supplement is NingXia Red (antioxidant powerhouse). My favorite essential oil is a blend called Valor (huge emotional support oil). My favorite sleep support oils are Lavender and Cedarwood, and my daughter’s is Peace & Calming.