My first step

Yes, wellness is a journey and we all have to start somewhere! It is as simple as making that first choice and taking that first step. My journey began October of 2014 with a Premium Starter Kit. To be perfectly honest,I was just excited to get real authentic lavender that I could diffuse in my bedroom. I used to be a smelly candle girl and was all about the smell good stuff. As they say,if I knew then what I know now! I knew nothing about toxins and really didn’t give it much thought. I continued to use the oils for a variety of things as I learned from my oily peeps. Fast forward to 4 1/2 years later….. I have replaced all of my personal care products,household cleaners and rely on oils for those every day issues that creep up. Because I started with Young Living I am more intentional about my wellness. Creeping up on 50 years old, I am thankful for these products that help support my body.