The Voices of Vera.

Nope – I’m not schizophrenic – but I AM 68 years old & I have gone through different seasons of life.  And just like nature, each season has it’s own voice.  For example – it is now Spring & there is a cacophony of birds singing  & twittering.  Summer will have it’s own distinct voice of cicadas & crickets.  So it is with our lives – – – we have different voices during different seasons.

Like you, I’ve been a child.
But now am a parentless child.
I’ve been an employee.
A student.
A wife.
A young mom with children & now
an older mom with children & grandchildren.
And now – an entrepreneur; a small business owner; a grannypreneur!

There is part of me that feels I should write more in this introduction.  And there is the other part of me that doesn’t want to hit ‘publish’ at all.

So if you’re reading this – leave a comment & say hi, hello, hola, or howdy!  And tell me a bit about yourself!

And if anyone knows how to tag this ‘blog’ – please let me know!  🙂