I am super proud to be connected to an industry that takes average – normal – ordinary people and changes how they live.

It has been an ongoing learned skill that took me from my 30 years of nursing working 13-hour shifts, not getting a raise of any kind the last 8 yrs I was employed to working at home. I went from someone else’s schedule to work my own.

A small-town gal to a global partnership.

That was quite a jump.

If you would have asked me 10 yrs ago was that in my vision. I would have laughed. I just needed to make baseball travel money so my son could play ball.

He never heard the words no we can’t do that. It was always let me figure it out. It all started with little bottles of liquid that I knew nothing about. and when I say nothing …I mean NO-thing.

Today I am a proud leader of close to 13,000 people. I am not saying that to brag. I am saying it to explain 13,000 normal – every day – people like you who work jobs, have families, want that little extra in the pocket who had no clue how it worked when they got started. Some of them are 100% customer only.

Just like me. Just like you.

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