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190PV: Bergamot, 15ml 
250PV:  Charcoal Mask Bergamot, 15ml 
300PV: Detoxzyme Charcoal Mask • Bergamot, 15ml 

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100PV: Deep Relief, 5ml
190PV: Sensation, 5ml • Bergamot, 15ml • Deep Relief, 5ml
250PV:  Charcoal Mask • Sensation, 5ml Bergamot, 15ml • Deep Relief, 5ml
300PV: Detoxzyme Charcoal Mask • Sensation, 5ml • Bergamot, 15ml • Deep Relief, 5ml


Retail value: $21.05

Loyalty order: Young Living Deep Relief® essential oil blend, 5 ml

Features Wintergreen oil, containing methyl salicylate, and Peppermint oil, containing menthol, which together create a cooling, soothing sensation when applied to the skin. We carefully selected all nine essential oils to create Deep Relief blend’s invigorating benefits. Create the perfect “me” day moment when you use Deep Relief for a soothing massage, inhale it for a refreshing experience, or roll it generously on muscles for a refreshing, cooling sensation.


Retail value: $112.17

Loyalty Order: Sensation™ essential oil blend, 5 ml

Sensation™ essential oil blend can invite an atmosphere of love, excitement, and affection for your self-love month! Apply it intuitively to skin, where it will provide nourishment and hydration. Diffuse it to create a refreshing atmosphere while you reflect on life’s roadblocks. Use it in your daily meditation or prayer to invite a moment of relaxation and peace. Wear it as a perfume, diffuse it, or add it to your linen spray for an energizing scent to enhance your evening.

Bergamot essential oil, 15 ml

Bergamot is primarily cultivated in sun-kissed southern Italy and has been used in the Middle East for hundreds of years for its signature romantic scent. Add a dash of sun to your Valentine’s Day by creating a signature perfume, mixing Bergamot oil with a floral middle note, like Jasmine or Geranium, and a musky base note, like Cedarwood, Patchouli, or Frankincense oil.


Retail value: $168.75

Charcoal Mask

Our Charcoal Mask uses gently exfoliating Tahitian volcanic black sand to create softer, glowing skin, while activated charcoal from China and South Africa absorbs impurities to detox skin, purify pores, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and restore the appearance of an even skin tone. Made with salicylic acid, a blend of fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and Peppermint premium essential oil, this mask supports the appearance of softer, brighter, and clearer skin and has a tingling action you can feel.


Retail value: $227.63


Detoxzyme® capsules support the normal function of the digestive system and help the essential functions that maintain and build health.* Cumin, Anise, and Fennel premium essential oils with a myriad of powerful, fast-acting enzymes help break down food after eating and support the digestive process.

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