The Core Vitality™ Case is a pill organizer, Vitality essential oil holder, and accessory case all in one! Its eight-section clear plastic pill box holds seven daily doses of Core Supplements™ vitamins and any other supplements in your daily regimen, while the eighth section holds extra clear vegetable capsules, so you have them whenever you need them. The case also features a convenient pill stand to hold vegetable capsules steady while filling them with your favorite Vitality oils. The case holds three 5 ml dietary essential oil bottles, each with their own sturdy elastic band to hold the oil in place. There is also an interior pocket to hold additional supplements and accessories such as easy-fill pipettes and an exterior zippered pocket for your business cards, cash, keys, and more. Its fabric and faux leather construction is durable enough to keep up with your busy life.
Core Vitality Case – Teal
Retail: 18.75 USD
Wholesale: 14.25 USD
Core Vitality Case – Teal
Retail: 21.05 USD
Wholesale: 16.00 USD

How to Use

Load up your Core Vitality Case each week with all your supplements and Vitality Oils and enjoy on the go!