Dress up the décor in your house with these beautifully handcrafted woven trivets! Made of sustainable sisal fibers, forest grass, and tea leaf dye, and handcrafted by skilled female artisans of the Azizi Life Collective in Rwanda, they will reflect your sense of style, concern for the environment, and compassion for others. The women of Azizi Life Collective survived genocide in the mid-1990s and have now come together to rebuild their lives. Through Azizi Life Collective, these women receive literacy classes and fair-wage incomes that allow them to send their children to school, access proper medical care and nutrition, and become economically independent—some for the first time in their lives. Proceeds from these trivets will support the Young Living Foundation’s efforts to champion education, develop enterprise, and end exploitation. Includes three different trivet designs, each 9 inches in diameter. Woven Trivets Product Information Page
Woven Trivets
Retail: 78.95 USD
Wholesale: 60.00 USD

Get to Know

Alphonsine, one of Azizi Life’s artisans, says, “My family has benefited greatly from this job, mainly because I’m able to pay for my children’s school fees and my family’s health insurance. I’ve been able to afford better food and medicine, and I’m now saving for the future.”
The Young Living Foundation works with women-led artisan groups across the globe, including artisans who have experienced extreme poverty, disability, displacement, trauma, exploitation, or violence. The Foundation is committed to helping these resilient women build strong and sustainable enterprises that will lead to more income-generating opportunities. With fair and consistent pay, our partner artisans are better able to support their own needs, as well as the needs of their children and families.
Learn more about the women whose lives you’ve helped impact at YoungLivingFoundation.org/developing-enterprise.
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Product Snapshot

  • Made of ethically and sustainably sourced sisal fibers, forest grass, and tea leaf dye
  • Handcrafted in Rwanda
  • Provides fair wages for those rising out of poverty