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Retail value: $58.55

Loyalty order: Valor® essential oil blend, 5 ml

Summer can be chaotic with vacations, weddings, sports camps, and plenty of fun in the sun. Diffuse Valor blend’s calming, uplifting aroma while you work to align your mind, body, and spirit for the months ahead.


Retail value: $94.73

Northern Lights™ Black Spruce essential oil, 5 ml

Embrace the essence of the great outdoors with Northern Lights Black Spruce! Diffuse it for a forest-fresh scent or massage it onto tired muscles for a soothing experience after a demanding day of yardwork, hiking, or biking in the warm June air.


Retail value: $124.66

Super B™ tablets

Fuel your busy summer days with Super B™ tablets. These little helpers contain all eight B vitamins and bioavailable chelated minerals to help you maintain healthy energy levels.*

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