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Lisa Thompson, Counselor, Reocovery Coach, Young Living Essential Oils Leader

I'm Lisa, a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor, Recovery Coach, and Family Consultant. I have over 20 years of experience in Counseling and even more in church ministry.

So, I love teaching people how to use essential oils to support their bodies and especially their emotions. The body, mind, and spirit all work together holistically.

I'm also extremely passionate about seeing people free in every area of their lives ... physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial!

I look forward to getting to know you personally and supporting you and your family on your wellness journey!


Why Young Living?

YOU are why I do this. I SEE YOU. I want you FREE.

It’s NOT an accident you’ve landed here at this moment in time and are reading this! I ask God to send the right people here and to my Team.

You know you’re ready. You want more for your life. You want a life of physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial abundance!

You know you were made for MORE. You’ve got that longing inside of you for purpose. I TOTALLY get that. I was there too!

You are NOT alone.


Now that I’ve got your undivided attention … KEEP READING because it’s about to get REAL.

Listen, it may be time to consider the business side of Young Living too. So, let’s talk about it so you’ll know if you’re like me and this is what you’ve been praying for.


Who You Enroll With REALLY Matters!

I run my business very differently than many others and I’m sure you’ll find that refreshing! So when you enroll with me, there’s no monthly commitment and NEVER any pressure to sell. Whether you choose to pursue the business side or not, either way, I’ll support you with plenty of education and resources to help you learn and grow!

Listen, if you want to keep Young Living your secret that’s totally your choice! That was absolutely my intention. Then, God made it clear to me He wanted me to share with the world the essential oils He created to help keep us healthy and blessed us with! Along with sharing, came rapid business growth and blessings in every area of my life including financially! See, when you share your love of Young Living with your friends and place your own monthly order for your family, Young Living sends you a Thank You check.

Monique McLean's Leadership Team - Young Living Essential Oils


For over 9 years, our Team has consistently been the fastest-growing Young Living Team worldwide.

  • Our Team has more leaders at the top rank of Young Living than any other Team and that number continues to consistently increase all the time no matter what’s happening in the world economy!

  • We’ve seen rapid growth all over the world where we have Brand Partners sharing Young Living products in a way that best fits their style.

  • My Enroller climbed to the highest rank of Young Living faster than anyone ever has and she personally mentored me.

  • I also grew my Team very quickly and advanced to one of the highest leadership ranks (Gold) in 11 months and you get me as your Business Coach! I can’t promise the same for you (that’s up to you!) but I’m here to partner with you every step of the way! I’m just a text or video chat away! You’re never alone!

  • I’ll teach you all the things … including the things I had to learn the hard way.

  • We have a secret Facebook group of over 17,000 people for you to connect with our Young Living family! You’ll get tons of product education and get your questions answered there. No sales pressure – just great information!

  • Our Team App puts tons of oily and Brand Partner education, resources, systems at your fingertips to make it simple to grow your business.

  • We’re ready for you and can’t wait for you to join in on the fun!


To become a Brand Partner, simply place your first order now. Then grab your Business Essentials Kit next month!


Imagine A Side Hustle Where …

  • sharing what you love naturally leads to success, financial increase, and lifelong willable income so you can change your family tree forever.

  • there’s a community full of some of the best friends you’ve ever had and it’s tons of fun! 

  • you’ll be given all the resources you need to help you succeed.  

  • everyone’s focused on wellness, a life of purpose, and blessing others.


That’s all possible with Young Living when you choose to pursue this incredible business opportunity!

Whether you just want to earn a little extra to pay for your oils, pay off college loans or debt, put an end to living paycheck to paycheck, be able to homeschool your kids, have a retirement fund, or create a life of financial abundance with an industry-leading compensation plan, I’m here to support you every step of the way with your goals!


Here’s The Income Opportunity I’m Talking About…

Young Living Essential Oils Income Opportunity


*Everyone’s experience and pace will be different. Success is not guaranteed but is dependent on hard work, time investment, consistency, talent, relationships, and God’s blessing.


We’re Just Getting Started!

I’m so glad you’re thinking about not only the Young Living lifestyle but also a Young Living business. Let be honest, it is a REALLY good business to be in.

Current research says the global wellness industry is growing very rapidly every year. People want to stay healthy to prevent health problems. They want organic products (Young Living far exceeds organic standards) and want to improve their beauty from the inside out with natural essential oils, supplements, and CBD.

The essential oil industry is projected to grow 20% over the next decade (this is a very high growth rate). International markets are on track to grow even more rapidly than the USA. Even better yet, 63% of this growth is already through direct sales with Young Living leading the way! People want to be educated about essential oils and hear what’s working for their friends and family before buying!

With over 80% of people who pursue natural health practices (like massage, chiropractic, prayer, and essential oils), there are a lot of people who need YOUR unique God-given personality, gifts, and talents to help them on this journey.

There’s NO better time than NOW for you to jump on board! Listen, there’s a reason you landed here on this page. You know you’re ready. You want more.

You may even love the idea of rocking it in your own business and know you can make it REALLY happen. It’s time to make time for your dreams and the passions God’s put within your heart!


This Business Is Fun And Simple!

  1. Share your love of Young Living products with friends, family, clients, and beyond.

  2. Help them get their own Young Living products … the Premium Starter Bundles are always the most life-changing and best deal along with free shipping but they can also order just one product too.

  3. Help them save and get the very best prices from the start by enrolling on Subscribe to Save (which includes Loyalty Rewards).

  4. Plug them into our app and Team resources right away. Then continue to personally educate them on how to use their products.

  5. Teach them how to share and build a business for themselves if they choose.

  6. Get paid GENEROUSLY by Young Living for sharing and teaching others to do the same.

  7. When you grow your Team and this additional income stream, like any other business it can be passed down to future generations who continue to grow it.

You never have to carry product stock, handle money, or ship anything – ever. Young Living handles all of that. You get paid by Young Living – not by your friends and family. 

It’s a common misconception essential oils is a saturated market. Let me be the first to tell you: that’s TOTALLY false! There are people everywhere who have never even heard of Young Living and you can introduce people all over the world to essential oils! There’s a place for you here.

Think you don’t know much about oils or business? That’s okay! I didn’t either. I just committed to learning and growing every day. The good news is the only way you’ll fail in your Young Living business is if you stop trying and give up. 

We have tons of resources to help you and I’ll personally Coach you! I’ve developed quick text training to get you started right away and additional in-depth training to teach you everything you need to know … and much more … not only to grow your business but also to successfully run your business!

I don’t want you wasting your precious time and struggling like I did. So, I’ve created incredible resources to save you tons of time, energy, and frustration!


I’m so passionate about seeing people free in every area of life! I know financial pressure can hold you back and create unnecessary stress.

God never intended for you to be a slave to debt and lack! Jesus came so you can have abundance and freedom in every area of your life! So, let me share a bit about the freedom I now experience and you can too.

I’m here to tell you Young Living has created a way out of debt, financial pressure, and even the potential to create financial abundance if you choose to consistently put in the time and work! 

They even chose the relationship business model so people are helping and caring for others, not just grabbing a bottle of essential oil from the store, then not knowing how to use it properly! Instead, you have the Young Living family supporting you on this journey! Because of this incredible business model, you have the opportunity to create an additional income stream too (it doesn’t get any better than that)!


Why Young Living?

Look, the Young Living Founders (Gary and Mary Young) believe money in the hands of good people doing good things changes the world in positive ways!

You may think like most Founders they live in huge homes and drive fancy cars, but that couldn’t be further from reality! When I visited the Idaho farm, I saw their farm home was so tiny I didn’t even know it was a house until someone told me! For many years Mary refused to buy a new car even though the one she drove had so many miles, it’s ridiculous!

They’d rather invest in our families, our farms, and growing communities all over the world! That’s why we have farms around the world where Young Living employs locals and pays them really well. Young Living is there investing in the community! They’ve also created the Young Living Foundation to help people in need all over the world.

The Young boys have grown up with Young Living. They are now incredible young men finding their place and in the company (Jacob) and The Young Living Foundation (Josef). Since their Dad has passed away they are more committed than ever to carry on his legacy. They Young family has had many opportunities to take Young Living public, but have made a commitment to always remain family-owned.

So unlike most other billion dollar companies, the Young family will never have to answer to outsiders who have little to no experience in our business! Public companies are at the mercy of a Board of Directors whose sole focus is making money for their investors, not to think about what’s best for the Brand Partners or Customers. There are only 3 others private, family-owned companies in this industry. So what we have is extremely rare and special!

It does not matter where you live or who you currently know. If you do the work, you have the opportunity to experience great success! We have many communities rapidly growing their businesses that don’t even have phones or the internet! They just share with others wherever they go!

It’s super simple and you certainly don’t have to be a salesperson … I’m definitely not! In fact, I’m probably the least salesy person you’ll find. I just love people and want to see them free! So I share the life of freedom I’ve found! If I can do it, you can too!

Listen, I don’t LOVE Young Living because I’ve achieved complete financial abundance (nope. not yet …. I’m still working on that, but I’m a LOT freer than I was a few years ago!). I sing Young Living’s praises because my life has been completely changed by discovering Young Living!


Become a Brand Partner

Where I Come From

By time I hit 30, I was the Lead Counselor at one of the top substance abuse treatment centers in the world. There was no room for career or pay advancement. I constantly had an overloaded caseload, was working more hours than I could count, plus working a second job to pay off my student loans. I was on call all the time, got a few weeks of vacation a year I dreaded taking because my work piled up while I was gone.

My family resented me because I missed all kinds of family events, friends stopped calling because I was always working. At work, I experienced trauma regularly and exposed to second-hand trauma every day, which took a huge emotional toll. The stress also took a major toll on my physical health. I worked my tail off saving kids lives every day but received very little appreciation. Instead, I was given the message I wasn’t capable of doing more with my career and my dreams and goals didn’t matter.

I thought working for salary, living paycheck to paycheck, a micromanaging boss, pursuing someone else’s dreams, and getting a few weeks of vacation a year was normal. Every night I had just enough time at home to eat, attempt to decompress from the day, a little time to sleep, and head back to work. All I wanted to do on the weekends was sleep and dreaded going back to work.

I desperately wanted to live my life, have time for great relationships, and not just work all the time and give every ounce of my energy to others with nothing left for myself. Although I love freeing teens and families from the grips of addiction and death, this was NOT the life I dreamed of and worked so hard for.

I was excellent at my work, but was not happy and burned out. I knew there must be more! So. I started praying for God to show me a different path in His perfect timing. He first led me into private practice where I soon realized if I wasn’t sitting with a client in a session, I wasn’t bringing in income and that also meant I still had no time freedom. I very quickly saw I needed a second income stream or I’d quickly burn out again.

So, I kept praying and God led me to Young Living, which has allowed me to have the kind of freedom I so badly desired in my life. It allows me to pursue my goals and dreams. Plus, I get to continue helping people with emotional health while I still get to work with a limited number of clients in my private practice. It really is a dream come true!

Although I knew little about essential oils, running an essential oils business, or leading a large Team, I learned as I went and my Young Living business grew very quickly. With focus and hard work, within 11 months of starting my Young Living business, I ranked to Gold and was making the same income it took me 9 years to make as a Lead Counselor with a Master’s Degree at the peak of my career (Counselors aren’t paid well).

Did I work hard? YES! Very hard. Did I work harder than I did as a Counselor? Nope. I have God’s favor and definitely had a lot more fun! Plus I was appreciated for my efforts, received rank gifts, earned free leadership trips with friends to Disney World, Nashville, Orlando, Washington, Idaho and Utah … where I got to visit the Young Living farms! Until then, traveling was definitely not something I was used to doing because it wasn’t in the budget.

At about the same time, my Dad became very sick and passed away recently. So I took a lot of time away from actively growing my business to focus on my family. Young Living allowed me to drop everything to travel across the country and be there for my Dad when he needed me most. I never had to ask a boss for time off to be with my Dad or worry about work and could just focus on being with my Dad.

Truth be told, there were many incredible difficult days while he was so sick and after he passed away. I didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed. And I never had to explain that to anyone! I just took the time off I needed to take care of myself.

In the meantime, even when I wasn’t working, I continued to enroll new members (I’ll never forget standing next to my Dad’s hospital bed fully present with him and getting a text saying I just enrolled a friend I had been working with!) and my paycheck continued to grow because I had worked hard to build this income stream! Young Living allowed me the freedom I needed in this season. For that, I am eternally GRATEFUL!

Young Living Essential Oils Parade of Nations, Philippines, Europe, South Africa

International Expansion And Explosive Global Growth

I’m back to growing my business and I’m expanding my Team globally! As Young Living continues to open many new markets all over the world every year, it’s my desire to bless people in each of those countries with the very best products on the market and also to provide income opportunities.

In every country, I’m actively looking for local people to partner with who are extremely motivated to change their lives, communities, and the world with Young Living! Together we’ll think globally and work locally. In the countries where Young Living is brand new, these are limited-time opportunities to get in at the ground level and be one of the first to introduce Young Living to your country!

Listen, if Young Living ships to your country (they probably do!), I can help you build a business there! Technology lets us easily stay connected and meet face-to-face as often as need. So no matter where you live, I’ll give you the same support I give my next-door neighbor!

This is a very exciting business opportunity to provide additional income for your family and also help others do the same while living a life of health and wellness! You decide by your hard work how much you make. There’s no income ceiling! 


To Get Started:

  1. Either order your Premium Starter Bundle or customize your an order of at least 100pv.  *Be sure to order at least 100pv and/or put at least one item on Subscribe to Save to get your 24% member discount and free shipping.

  2. Add your Business Essentials Kit ($29.95) to your subscription order next month to become a Brand Partner so you can start getting paid for referring your friends and growing your business!

  3. Reach out and let me know you’re all in!

  4. We’ll text so I can answer any questions and you can get to work growing your new business! Yep. It’s that simple!

Who I Coach

Listen, just like you, I’m very busy with leading my Team, growing my own Young Living business, and my private practice clients PLUS my personal life (my priorities are God, family, Country and then everything else). So my time is precious and limited. I can’t possibly Coach everyone and don’t Coach everyone who asks. So, in case you’re still unsure if this business is for you, let’s talk about who is the best fit for Business Coaching with me. I’m not for everyone and this business isn’t for everyone … and that’s ok. 


This is NOT for you if…

    • You think you know it all

    • You have an entitled attitude and think you should be given things for free

    • You love to learn and accumulate knowledge but have no intention of taking action

    • You kick ideas around, search and research, but have no desire to really run a business

    • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme

    • You hate hard work and really just want easy street

    • You need someone to set a schedule for you

    • You enjoy punching the time clock

    • You enjoy spending all your time pursuing someone else’s dreams

    • You need a boss to always tell you what to do

    • You don’t like helping people

    • You enjoy being around fake people who pretend to be perfect and have it all together

    • You love drama and gossip

    • You like to complain and be negative

    • You’re not emotionally healthy

    • Your values are the opposite or conflict with mine

    • You have higher priorities and won’t make the time to run a successful business

This IS for you if…

    • You commit to starting with at least a $50 monthly order of products for your family (with 700+ products, that’s very easy! Plus it’s pretty hard to share products you don’t use and LOVE!)

    • You want to start a business for $29.95 (Yep… that’s it! I’ve never seen a more affordable life-changing business!)

    • You’re serious about starting a real business and turning your passion into profits

    • You’re serious about taking your financial life to the next level

    • You know that a business is work, takes consistency over time on the exciting days and the hard days. You’re committed long term growth no matter what comes your way.

    • You’re excited to go after the life of abundance God intends for you to have

    • You understand it takes most people time to reach the level of success you’re dreaming of

    • You know that financial success isn’t just for others, it’s for you too and you’re fully capable of acquiring it – no matter your background or education

    • You have a servant leadership heart and want to run a business by serving your Team and those interested in Young Living

    • You’re tired of living in debt or paycheck to paycheck

    • You like being a Team Player and love being surrounded by a community of likeminded people

    • You like the freedom to travel whenever you want

    • You don’t want to manage inventory or deliver orders

    • You want to work from anywhere at any time

    • You want to work hours you’re most productive and creative

    • You want to work with people all over the world

    • You long to be part of an incredible community that’s more like a close family

    • You want to be there when your family needs you

    • You want to work in your PJs if you choose to

    • You like commuting as far as your phone or laptop

    • You enjoy living a healthy lifestyle

    • You want the tax benefits of owning your own business

    • You like serving others and helping people experience wellness, purpose, and abundance

    • You want the opportunity to go on humanitarian trips and make a difference in the world

    • You enjoy free travel and experiences as rewards for your hard work and accomplishments

    • You want to be your own boss and work at your own pace in collaboration with others

    • You’re motivated to work hard and will do whatever it takes to meet your goals and reach your dreams

    • You like the ability to give more of your time, talents, and resources to bless those around you as your income increases

    • You love and are committed to personal development

    • You enjoy leading others

    • You long for a life of time and financial security and are willing to invest the time and work to make it happen


      Grab Your Order and Let’s Get Started!


Here’s What Happens Now:

  1. Either order your Premium Starter Bundle (this is the most bang for your buck and the way most people get started!) OR customize your an order of at least 100pv.  *Be sure to order at least 100pv and/or put at least one item on Subscribe to Save to get your 24% member discount and free shipping.
  2. Click Here to view Premium Starter Bundles (most start with the everyday essential oils kit) or you can find some more of my favorite bundles under the Shop tab.
  3. Add your Business Essentials Kit ($29.95) to your subscription order next month to become a Brand Partner so you can start getting paid for referring your friends and growing your business!
  4. Shoot me a message to introduce yourself and let me know you’re ready for me to Coach you!
  5. We’ll text so I can answer any questions and you can get to work growing your new business! Yep. It’s that simple!


You message me (don’t be shy!) so I can answer any remaining questions or provide you with more education customized to your needs via text. When you’ve got your questions answered, you’ll place your first order. Next month, you’ll order your Business Essentials Kit. I’ll educate and support you to achieve your wellness and business goals!


Let’s Do This! I’m SO EXCITED to start this incredible adventure with you!

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