Count down to the holidays as you journey through Young Living’s global farms. Each day you’ll unwrap exclusive keepsakes: a necklace, botanical charms, essential oils, and the stories behind them. The charms feature delicate botanical designs, representing the elements that make each of our farms unique. When you wear this limited-edition necklace, you’ll spread stories of light and hope with global impact. Through the Young Living Foundation’s artisan partnerships, each order helps support refugee women who hand assembled the necklace and charms. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to the Foundation’s Developing Enterprise focus pillar to impact and empower more women-led business. What’s included? We don’t want to give away the surprise, but inside you’ll find a necklace, botanical charms, essential oils and blends, and a berry merry drink. Want a clue as to which oils are included? We’ll give you a hint: there’s a forest-fresh scent, a blend for getting in the holiday mood, and an oil of biblical times—plus much more! Offer rules: Limit of one Once Upon a Farm Collection per account. Members can order online. Some of the items in this collection are limited, meaning if we run out of stock, the order will not go on backorder. In the event that you pay for the collection after it goes out of stock, we will refund your payment. Disclaimer: This collection is designed to share the story of our farms and the botanicals they produce. Some botanicals, however, are produced by multiple Young Living farms. Therefore, oils and other products delivered with this collection may be sourced from a Young Living farm, partner farm, or Seed to Seal-certified supplier other than the one with which it’s featured.
Once Upon a Farm Collection
Retail: 361.84 USD
Wholesale: 275.00 USD