The One Purpose™ Set combines the One Purpose essential oil blend and the gray chip bracelet made of natural tiger’s eye chip beads, natural lava rock bead, and gold-plated charms, two gifts to thank you for supporting the work of women artisans who lift themselves out of poverty by creating jewelry like this stunning bracelet for Young Living. So far, Young Living orders like these have created 800,000 fair-pay work hours for more than 10,000 women artisans who have created nearly 350,000 individual items. The One Purpose essential oil blend captures the spirit of this mission to inspire and uplift women around the world fighting for their families and control over their futures. Thank you for being part of this mission. Your purchase of this collection will contribute 35 percent of the wholesale price to the Young Living Foundation to help support women artisans and many other projects to fight poverty in the world.


  • One Purpose essential oil blend
  • Gray chip bracelet
One Purpose Set
Retail: 85.20 USD
Wholesale: 64.75 USD