In September of 2013 we made the decision that we were sick and tired of being sick and tired… literally! We were grossly overweight, had no energy, and we were physically unable to do many of the activities that we enjoyed participating in.  I (Ted) was unable to climb a single flight of stairs without getting out of breath. Nancy was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was on medication for it.  I suspected that mine was also high but didn’t want to say anything.  I had been suffering from daily headaches for nearly thirty years and was surviving on a daily concoction of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and migraine meds.  On top of that I popped Tums a couple times a day.  You can just imagine what that was doing to my internal organs.  Nancy repeatedly told me that she felt like her body was dying, and I suspect that had something not changed this would have been a real possibility for us within a few short years.

On Labor Day weekend 2013 I was in bed with yet ANOTHER severe migraine headache. Shades closed, lights off, house silenced. Nancy decided that she HAD to find a way to help me overcome the headaches, as well as improve our overall health.

Nancy watched a video on NetFlix called “Hungry for Change”, which talked about the effect of foods on our health in general, and specifically about the effect of sugar.  She begged me to watch it so once I was feeling better I did.  We highly recommend everyone watch this video!

She began researching, and that week we began our Journey to Wellness.  Nancy learned that eating a clean, whole foods diet is the number one critical component to health, and that “gut health” is the key to ALL health. The very first thing that Nancy did was to clean out the kitchen cupboards and eliminate the processed foods. Everything that was processed or manufactured she either tossed into the garbage, gave away to friends or the church food cupboard, or returned to our grocery store!

We started by changing our diets by eliminating gluten and eating whole, natural foods (organic if possible) – unprocessed and straight from the farm! We began purchasing our produce and meats from local farmers and farm markets.  This was a complete change for us to go from a diet heavy in pasta and sugars to one with lots of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

I am a bit ashamed to admit this, but I was really not on board with the changes at first.  I went along with it to make my lovely bride happy but figured that “this too shall pass”.  I soon found out that she is anything but crazy and that we were on the road to health!

Oh what a difference! Within two weeks I suddenly realized that I had not had a single headache, had not taken any meds, and hadn’t even popped a single Tums!  We don’t have time to go into all the details here, but suffice to say we were hooked.  As you can see in the photos we lost more than 80 pounds each in two years!  I feel better than I have in over 25 years, Nancy feels great, and she is now off of her blood pressure meds.  We are living proof that you do not have to settle for treating sickness, rather you CAN “Live Above the Wellness Line” and enjoy life to the fullest!

We were healthier and felt better, yet, something was still missing.  Eating a whole foods diet was certainly enabling us to lose weight without starving ourselves to death or eating yucky diet foods (which are VERY bad for you, but that is another story). We still didn’t feel like our body’s internal systems were functioning the way God designed them to work.  We needed a way to support our immune, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems!

Just a few months after we began our wellness journey we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by friends that are organic farmers.  They told us that the oils could change our lives, and they were absolutely correct! We have integrated Young Living Essential Oils and oil-infused products into every part of our lives to support our quest to live the healthy lifestyle that we desired.

The more we learned about essential oils the more we wanted to learn and use them.  We learned that they can be used to support our body’s internal, external, and personal care needs naturally, without resorting to manufactured & artificial solutions that do not truly support wellness. We found out that they can be used to replace all the nasty chemical filled products that we used on a daily basis to take care of our home, family, and pets. Young Living supplements have been a life saver for us, and helped us feel better and live better!  We even use essential oils, and essential oil infused supplements for our two (spoiled rotten) yellow labs, DiMaggio and AnnaBelle. You can meet them on our ABOUT US page!

Fast forward about two years:  We lost about eighty pounds each and felt GREAT!  Our lifestyle changes have helped Nancy and I both have blood pressure, cholesterol, and other vitals that are in the optimal zone.  We have been on wilderness canoe trips which required over fifty miles of paddling in the space of a few days (not to mention REALLY roughing it!).  We have planted (and expanded) an organic vegetable garden to help provide natural goodness to our diets.  We are loving life and are looking forward to staying healthy and active in our old age. Our goal is to be able to go wilderness canoeing and camping together well into our eighties and beyond!

We used the oils and other Young Living products for over a year and without even thinking about it found ourselves sharing about whole foods and essential oils with others so that they could also enjoy life as we are.  We are excited to have now turned our passion for sharing wellness with others into a business!  It is an amazing lifestyle and that is why we are eager to share these recommendations and experiences with you in hopes that you can one day say the same!

September 2013 to September 2015