On May 22, 2016 as I was praying, God put it onto my heart to use the oils and breath to develop a simple meditation for people who are in grief & distress. During my daily prayers I started to receive affirmations and prayers along with specific essential oils they should be used along with.


The Aromatic Breath is the result of this on-going inspiration. It is a short breathing meditation that will bless you in mind, body and spirit.


Learn the simple 2 step process for immediate emotional shifting. By practicing The Aromatic Breath on a regular basis, you can expect to:


-Experience an emotional shift

-Move from being overwhelmed to feeling calm

-Find strength to move through your challenges

-Release trapped emotions & resentments

-Push forward to reaching your goals



Experience more Divine inspiration through meaningful prayer enhanced by The Aromatic Breath charts combining prayers with scripture & essential oils.


Includes special section for children who can also benefit by being calm, happy & shifted into a good “space.”




7 x 10 size

51/2 x 81/2 size