“I love the essential oils from Young Living – pure and magical. Marie Ruggles is an excellent guide and mentor in exploring various oils and their uses. Go no further with any other oils. My favorite is Thieves Household Cleaner (smells great) and I also put a drop of Thieves Essential Oil in my toothpaste.”
Diana Washeim, Huntington, NY

“It took me a long time to get on board with Marie.  I thought essential oils were just plain weird.  After using PanAway and Deep Relief on my knees for 2 weeks I was sold.”
Michael Beaumont, Ontario, Canada

“Focusing on supporting my digestive system has  been  a  priority  of  mine  for  many  years .   I have tried  numerous probiotic  formulas as well as digestive  enzymes, and have  found  Young  Living ‘s Life 9 high-potency probiotic  supplement and  Essentialzymes-4, which is one of Young Living ‘s digestive  enzyme  formulations, to be extremely beneficial.  I now have energy for multi-tasking.  In addition to aiding in digestion, they support healthy immune function.”
Kathy Gunning, New Hyde Park, N.Y.

“Marie Ruggles has been one of the most helpful people I know whenever I have a question or concern about the essential oils. I feel  very fortunate to have her as a mentor for she is quick to respond to any of my inquiries.”
Sylvia Foley.,Floral Park,  N.Y.

I love having lemon or lime essential oil in my purse to add to my water; very refreshing.   Using purification at bedtime on my feet has been amazing for staying well especially when my body is telling me it’s time for some extra immune support.  I also like using it when flying for extra immune protection. Purification smells so clean and neutralizes odors – great to diffuse  after cooking fish . Peppermint is a must-have for staying alert and calming my stomach (you instantly begin to feel it working after rubbing on a couple drops and saying a positive affirmation). Marie is a great team leader educating us and the public; she always responds quickly to my questions.
Peggy Gomes, Phoenix, AZ

“I haven’t missed a day of work in 3 years!  Thanks to Thieves essential oil and all the other winter wellness info I get from Marie’s Everyday Wellness Tools Team Facebook group.  My energy is up, my brain is better (using Brain Power essential oil almost daily) and I’m sleeping like a babe – thanks to Stress Away oil.”
Dora Valentine, Oakland, CA

As a mom of young children, Young Living Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, Tea Tree & Lavender oils have been life savers for my family in our quest to stay healthy internally, externally and environmentally using natural products!
Ashley Zipfel, Westerville, OH

“Practicing massage therapy for 23 years I have been an advocate for “self-care” to maintain excellent health & vitality.  Young Living’s lemongrass and marjoram essential oils provide amazing support for healthy muscles & joints.

I love their Vitality line of essential oils for internal use and start every day with their fresh tasting lemon oil -1 drop  in a cup of tea.

I have a better attitude about house cleaning since I have been using Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner – terrific for counter tops, refrigerator, stove, bathroom and recently cleaned and shined parquet wood floors.  The oils in Thieves Household Cleaner actually support my immune system while I’m cleaning.  That’s quite a benefit over toxic cleaners!”

Love it all – thank you Young Living!
Peggy T.,  Myrtle Beach, N.C.

“Using Young Living Essential Oils brought me to a new path on my already natural approach to wellness.  Now, and for the past decade, I do not simply protect myself from life’s toxins, but I now have the ability to give my body these wonderful substances that have the intelligence to seek out any challenge my body is encountering and trigger my body’s own healing force.  Knowing Young Living’s high standards for their oils gives me added assurance that I am doing what is the very best for me and for those I love.”   Veronica A., Elmont, NY

“With all of the oils and products offered by Young Living, it is hard to choose a favorite.  One oil that I use the most is lavender because it is so versatile and very relaxing!  Marie and her team have been such a wealth of knowledge as I have been exploring Young Living essential oils and all of the ways to use them.
Julie Laich, Lombard, IL

The oil-infused Art Toner is a favorite skin product (and I’ve tried them all!).  It refreshes and cleanses my skin without making it dry.  I can feel the ingredients working right away as I apply it.”
Sabina Fasano, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida