After 9 years of experimenting with different brands, I have chosen to partner with Young Living.  I actually stopped using the oils for a while because I was not impressed with the results.  Once I discovered Young Living there was no turning back!

The owner, Gary Young, is a farmer; just like great food – it’s all about care of the soil. His farming practices go beyond organic. Gary also has a background in nutrition and naturopathy. Plants are treated with essential oils if pests arise, and are harvested at a specific time of day to ensure the highest level of bio-active compounds.

  • State-of-the-art distillation equipment assures the proper chemical profile. If a batch doesn’t measure up, it’s discarded – even if this means removing that oil from distribution until the next harvest season.
  • Seeds for the next growing season are selected from the most robust plants.
  • My nutrition “roots” are in pediatrics and I work with many young families. The products I suggest must be 100% pure & safe for everyone in the family.
  • It’s all about the BLENDS – combined oils display a potent synergistic effect.  Extensive research, prayer and contemplation precede the development of each blend.  Young Living blends consistently deliver outstanding results with proprietary recipes that other companies compare their blends to.
  • As a Business Builder, Young Living provides all the “back office” support I need. This allows me to spend more time doing what I love—-teaching!  Their business model allows me to make my own hours and work from home when I choose.
  • They never use chemical extenders (other companies do use them, and they do not have to be stated on the label).
  • They own or oversee all their farms and NEVER use oil brokers.

When cypress essential oil is harvested at the right time and distilled at the exact temperature it contains 288 compounds – that’s what makes it “therapeutic.”  If the plants are harvested too soon or the temperature is 10 degrees too high, the final product only has 10 compounds.  Young Living sends scientists out into the filed every hour around the time of harvest.  They micro-distill small batches to test for these compounds to make sure that the timing and temperature are perfect for every batch.  No other company has the resources to do this.