Life wasn't always this good.

Life is short.
Illness is not fun.
Your strength is preventative wellness.
Your weakness is not knowing how.

My husband, Steve had a very weak immune system. He is a three time cancer survivor whose body had been ravaged by chemotherapy and medications that continued to weaken all of his body systems. Doctor’s visits filled our calendar, but he was not improving. I was exhausted from caring for him, driving him to doctor’s appointments, homeschooling my youngest daughter and working a full time job to provide for the family. The weight of responsibility was emotionally draining. There had to be a better way!  I wanted to Live My Best Life.

That is when I got curious about natural health alternatives and started this incredible journey as an uninformed, stressed out, menopausal woman with no clue where to start. Steve was bedridden and sleeping his life away. We had nothing to lose. We began using natural options to provide system support, to calm our emotions and to ease tense muscles. Within a week, Steve was able to stay awake long enough to attend Easter service with the family. Why had no one told me about this sooner? Why did the doctors never mention holistic options? Ever!

Today, Steve is growing stronger with each new day. He spends more time at home with his family than at the doctor now. He got his life back! He freed himself from the imprisonment of his own body.  As a mature woman, I am sleeping through the night and waking ready to start my day with more energy, less stress, and emotional freedom. I am living my best life and traveling the world! I thank God every day for his tremendous blessing of our new found wellness. Life wasn’t always this good and it is just getting better! My passion is helping others experience these blessings and learn to take charge of their health. It is time to ditch your old life, so you can  Live Your Best Life.

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Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

Robin Lambert