Young Living Farm Fun Facts

  1. Every Young Living farm has an organic composting yard. Plant matter from the distillation go in, no waste! 5 million tons of compost used annually on YL fields!
  2. Gary Young injects microbes & enzymes into soil, also liquid from worm castings for fertilizer.
  3. Aromatic plants need a ph balance of 7-7.8! Who knew?! Gary Young did!
  4. Young Living essential oils only touch stainless steel or glass during the distillation process.
  5. Young Living was founded by Gary Young who is well known as an essential oil expert with a trained nose who can analyze oils by their smell
  6. There are less than 200 people in the world with noses sufficiently trained to discern the chemistry of a fragrance
  7. Gary has invested 33 years in the research and development of essential oils-
  8. Gary Young has published 17 research papers and 9 books on the application and therapeutic benefits of essential oils and herbs!
  9. Gary has been told by French essential oil experts that YL has the finest Lavender in the world!
  10. Partner farms and other distillation facilities subject to on-site inspection
  11. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint of tampering or adulteration- even if provided from a trusted supplier-are sent to outside laboratories for even more in-depth dissection using techniques such as carbon isotope analysis. Furthermore, Young Living regulates quality throughout the process with their Seed to Seal policy.
  12. Young Living works with 7 independent labs around the world to determine the properties and purity of Young Living essential oils.
  13. Has one of the largest libraries of references for essential oil analyses, with over one million references to identify compound structures

Young Living field workers are not allowed to go in the field if they are angry or use foul language.

Stringent, Unyielding Quality

Quality starts at the farm and is proven in our labs. Through our stringent, unyielding quality benchmarks, we are able to identify the most pure, genuine, and effective ingredients.
Our quality control team uses a battery of physical, chemical, and microbiological scientific tests to measure the exact components and properties of our essential oils. Each test is repeated numerous times during the quality process.

Testing begins at our farms and continues all the way through the final stages prior to shipment to our customers.

Our team of highly trained, highly skilled scientists perform state-of-the-art tests, including but not limited to:
• Densitometry
• Viscometry
• Refractometry
• Polarimetry
• Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
• Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)
• Gas Chromatography (GC)
• High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
• Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
• Automated Micro-Enumeration
• Disintegration
• pH
• Microscopy
• Combustibility
• Flash Point
• Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)
• Chiral Chromatography
• Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)


Young Living North American Farms

Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery | Skyrider Wilderness Ranch | St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery | Highland Flats Tree Farm and Distillery | Northern Lights Farm and Distillery | Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project | Labbeemint Partner Distillery | Finca Victoria Farm

By cultivating, harvesting, and distilling many of our essential oils on our very own farms, we have the unique ability to verify perfection at every step of our process. Combine this with our extensive laboratory testing and independent audits, and it’s no wonder that we routinely exceed our own industry-leading quality standards. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there, however. Inspired by the fields, forests, and jungles that surround our pristine farms, Gary Young is constantly discovering new botanicals and essential oils, helping us bring more of nature’s greatest gifts to people everywhere.


Young Living takes the stewardship of our planet and its resources very seriously. We believe that essential oils are the embodiment of our connection with nature, which is why our tireless efforts to produce superior essential oils are matched with painstaking efforts to keep our earth healthy and thriving for future generations.


The St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery was established on land that had never been exposed to chemical pesticides or man-made fertilizers. Young Living’s Seed to Seal® quality commitment honor these origins, shaping the agricultural practices we use to not only sustainably cultivate botanicals but to also protect botanicals, wildlife, and landscapes.
Pure soil and a pristine natural setting surrounded by evergreen forest make St. Maries an ideal location for cultivating and harvesting lavender, lavindin, melissa, tansy, balsam fir, tansy, scotch pine, austrian pine, blue spruce, douglas fir, western red cedar, and white fir. Open to distributors for the summer lavender harvest and the winter balsam harvest. Open to the public for distillery tours. Call 208-245-2745.Previous to Young Living’s 1992 purchase of the land for the St. Maries farm, this area had never been exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and manmade fertilizers. This pristine condition makes the 200 acres of soil perfect for the cultivation of botanicals such as melissa, lavender, and tansy. Our Visitors Center is open to the public for distillery tours. For more information and directions, please call 1-208-245-2745.

Young Living South American Farms

Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery | Mera Ocotea Farm

Young Living Farms in Europe

Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery | Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and Distillery |Vida de Seville Distillery | Bella Vista Farm | Golden Einkorn Farm

Young Living Australian Farms

Outback Botanical Reserve | Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery

Young Living Farms in Asia

Arabian Frankincense Distillery | Taiwan Cooperative Farm and Distillery | Happy Pili Tree Farm and Distillery | Kalipay Coconut Farm | Ningxia Wolfberry Farm and Distillery

Young Living Farm in South Africa

Amanzi Amahle Cooperative Farm & Distillery—KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


The result of our passion is Young Living Therapeutic Grade, a promise that every essential oil we sell has the optimal amount of naturally beneficial constituents.
Our strict cultivation process—illustrated by the Four P’s—guarantees that our products offer unsurpassed safety and efficacy.


Years of experience have taught us how to select the ideal botanicals for desired oil potency, plant under optimal conditions, use prime soil and natural methods to encourage growth, and know the precise time to harvest each crop.


Using a gentle, proprietary technique for steam-extracting the most potent essential oils, our distillation process ensures we meet our own, industry leading Therapeutic Grade distillation standards.


Inside our state-of-the-art testing facilities, every batch of essential oils is subjected to rigorous analysis.
Those with even the slightest hint of possible impurity are rejected.


This unerring focus on quality ensures that the naturally occurring compounds contained in each of our products are of the highest and most consistent bio-active levels. No matter what time of year you visit the Young Living farm, you will get an inside look at some phase of our planting and distilling operations.

In the spring you will see the starts being planted and the fields being cultivated.

In the summer and fall you will not only view vast organic fields of lavender, peppermint, Clary sage, and other herbs, but you will also witness acres and acres of herbs being harvested by Young Living’s custom-engineering cultivation equipment and distilled in Young Living’s specially-designed stainless steel distilling chambers.