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Celebrate the earth and a fresh new spring with plant-based essentials! Harvested with care, they invite the joy of nature into our homes, bodies, and communities.

Gifts available on One-Time Order

190PV: Lemongrass, 15ml
250PV:  MightyPro • Lemongrass, 15ml
300PV:  Calm CBD Roller • MightyPro • Lemongrass, 15ml

Bonus Loyalty Rewards Gifts

100PV: 10 Loyalty Reward Points
190PV: Orange, 15ml • Lemongrass, 15ml • 10 Loyalty Reward Points
250PV:  MightyPro • Orange, 15ml • Lemongrass, 15ml • 10 Loyalty Reward Points
300PV:  Calm CBD Roller • MightyPro • Orange, 15ml • Lemongrass, 15ml • 10 Loyalty Reward Points


Retail value: $13.16

10 Loyalty Rewards points

Shop and save. Claim 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points just for ordering your favorite naturally derived products!


Retail value: Up to $46.72

Lemongrass essential oil, 15 ml

Invite spring into your space by diffusing the fresh, uplifting scent of Lemongrass essential oil. Or mix it with your morning face wash to leave your skin feeling renewed and positively radiant.

Spend 190 PV in Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty order: Orange essential oil, 15 ml

Add a few drops of Orange to your spring-cleaning solutions for a burst of citrus freshness. Or blend it with your nighttime moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes.


Retail value: Up to $95.08

KidScents® MightyPro™ supplement, 30 ct.

If the warmer days have your little ones getting outside with friends, keep our KidScents MightyPro prebiotic and probiotic on hand for a fruity-flavored burst of immune support all season long.* .


Retail value: Up to $176

Soothe™ CBD Roll-On, 300 mg

This roll-on combines Smart Spectrum™ CBD, comforting Copaiba, and refreshing Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. Bring it along on hikes and outdoor workouts for a breath of fresh air when you need it.

Loyalty Rewards

Unlock more benefits with Loyalty Rewards! Loyalty Rewards is Young Living’s monthly autoship program that unlocks a 24 percent discount as long as there is an active Loyalty Rewards order. Being enrolled in Loyalty Rewards makes you eligible to earn reward points and loyalty gifts through our Loyalty Rewards program.

This month, when you place a 100 PV order on Loyalty Rewards, you will receive 10 Loyalty Rewards points, and when you place a 190 PV order on Loyalty Rewards, you will also receive Orange essential oil, 15 ml.

To learn more about our Loyalty Rewards program and how to enroll, click here.

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